Inhabited Sky

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A raised building that minimizes its footprint, its boundaries and multiplies light. Inside, geometry and materials play together in order to blur any sense of limit or border. That’s Inhabited Sky. For more information visit Xpiral – Innovative Answers

WU Vienna

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Department building in the new Wien University of Economics Campus From the architect: «We could define our projects as a parallepipeds’ game where, while a repetitive and homogeneous program is solved, has the will to create public space. This game allows to connect the two proposed buildings in the masterplan, letting the street pass below […]

Cube 2

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Office Tower “Cube 2” (Guadalajara, Mexico) From the architect. «It can’t be denied that a tower has always a will of singularity and that its sculptural value is its most precious asset. In this case, we don’t want to disconnect this sculptural value from its structural expression; we believe that any balancing act which its […]

Caixaforum Zaragoza

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Caixafòrum (Zaragoza) From the architect. «We start the project by posing two challenges: The first: to design a building that can ‘feel like a city’ – both due to its uniqueness and to the public spaces it generates. The second: to design a building which connects with distant perspectives when walking around, providing at the […]