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Cultural video hotel Rendering Education School public space Urbanism Interior Product Design Xpiral Competition Residential Architecture Estudio Carme Pinos wellness Workspace Civic & Community Speculation Furniture
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Some studios I've been involved with

Homes sweet homes

Ippolito Fleitz Group

My actual home in the lovely Stuttgart, except for ten great months in our Shanghai headquarters. Here I develop tasks as architect and project leader, changing my role in our horizontal non hierarchical structure as needed. I had the chance to participate in architectural and interior architecture projects in different  typologies.

Estudio Carme Pinos

Awesome days in Barcelona, doing great projects as part of the ECP family.

Xpiral - innovative answers

The long term relationship with Javier Peña evolved from teacher to boss, and then friend. Along 13? years, I had the chance to participate in a wide range of works, architectural and non-architectural, developing a special workflow with the Xpiral team.