A green boost for the city

Yancheng Vertical Forest

«Yancheng lies around 300 km northwest of Shanghai. We have developed a completely new residential area in a growth zone of this prosperous city of 1.7 million inhabitants. The residential complex is state of the art throughout, and aims to be a role model for urban development. In cooperation with our partner CEG Schwarzwald, our concept responds to the specific requirements of the Chinese market. We have created space for a modern lifestyle, which combines the highest levels of comfort with a healthy environment and close proximity to nature. The private residential worlds are embedded within a public area, which serves as a centre for art and culture, and itself aims to become an urban landmark. The future residents of the complex thus become a part of their very own, modern life philosophy.»

Yancheng Vertical Forest
Architecture and interior concept
Contribution as architect

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«Sustainability does not mean austerity for us. Quite the reverse: the individual with all his/her needs and desires for comfort remains at the very centre of things. We have developed a targeted, multistage sustainability concept for this purpose. The architecture is formulated in such a way that it effectively optimises the passive energy balance of the complex. In particular the design and greening of the building shell optimises energy requirements and quality of life in the interior. The latest building technology is connected with the façade technology via intelligent control systems that take weather conditions, social behaviour and individual resident requirements into account with the goal of optimising and reducing energy usage.»

ClientCEG Schwarzwald
StudioIppolito Fleitz Group
Dates2016 (Project)
Lead ArchitectPeter Ippolito, Gunter Fleitz
TeamDaniel Cano, Kamil Kaczmarek, Adalbert Kapp, Luca Leardini, Jörg Lonkwitz, Paula Poveda, Robert Pruim, Ziheng Wu