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As the Architect and Head Designer Carme Pinós stated «our concept is to create a set of affordable, high quality products that are versatile, easy to assemble and can be customized by the user into unique designs. To achieve this, we have used a combination of technology and ingenuity. We have aimed to create a product whose aesthetics and versatility are based on the simplification of shape, with no other gestures than their basic structural form.

Simple designs born out of the dynamism of the architect’s studio, Estudio Carme Pinós in Barcelona; a collaborative adventure amongst open- minded, creative professionals and directed by the architect herself.

Behind this project stands the will to value what is ours; to create not out of speculative reasons, but as an act of pure adventure and joy.»

StudioEstudio Carme Pinos
Lead DesignerCarme Pinós
TeamRoberto García, Holger Hennefart, Alberto Feijoo, Daniel Cano