An apparent disorganization

WU Vienna

Department building in the new Wien University of Economics Campus

From the architect: «We could define our projects as a parallepipeds’ game where, while a repetitive and homogeneous program is solved, has the will to create public space.

This game allows to connect the two proposed buildings in the masterplan, letting the street pass below them without needing an extra volume or connection bridge.

The will is that the parallepipeds’ move, apparently just formalist and not rational, solves with rigour and flexibility the program.»


«The volume that contains the library and cafeteria in ground level, starts at street level, thus acquiring a more urban character. Instead, the other volumes have higher privacy by resting on top of a landscape topography that separates them from the pedestrian flow. Likewise, thanks to this topography, the pass below the first volume acquires more height.

The uilding, yet apparently expansive and long, has a clear core from where all circulations start. Equally the entrance to the office’s building and the library are located in this core as well, below the prior mentioned pass.»

StudioEstudio Carme Pinos
Dates2008 (competition) - 2013 (opening)
Lead ArchitectCarme Pinós
TeamClarisa Rosenow (Project Director), Holger Hennefart, Elsa Martí, Daniel Cano