Estudio Carme Pinos

Caixa Galicia Towers

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Caixa Galicia Towers. We start from the assumption that an office tower cannot have the same treatment as a residential tower: the first looks for notoriety for being the symbol of who is behind it; the second should be associated to intimacy. We thought the office tower with the will of creating an inner space […]

WU Vienna

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Department building in the new Wien University of Economics Campus From the architect: «We could define our projects as a parallepipeds’ game where, while a repetitive and homogeneous program is solved, has the will to create public space. This game allows to connect the two proposed buildings in the masterplan, letting the street pass below […]

Cube 2

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Office Tower “Cube 2” (Guadalajara, Mexico) From the architect. «It can’t be denied that a tower has always a will of singularity and that its sculptural value is its most precious asset. In this case, we don’t want to disconnect this sculptural value from its structural expression; we believe that any balancing act which its […]

Caixaforum Zaragoza

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Caixafòrum (Zaragoza) From the architect. «We start the project by posing two challenges: The first: to design a building that can ‘feel like a city’ – both due to its uniqueness and to the public spaces it generates. The second: to design a building which connects with distant perspectives when walking around, providing at the […]

Objects by ECP

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Design for all As the Architect and Head Designer Carme Pinós stated «our concept is to create a set of affordable, high quality products that are versatile, easy to assemble and can be customized by the user into unique designs. To achieve this, we have used a combination of technology and ingenuity. We have aimed […]